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A Good Time to be (in) Manly

A Sydney travel blog picked up one of my flickr photos in a post about the Manly Food and Wine Festival:

The Sydney Traveler – Food Festival Meets Sustainable Living in Manly

That was a great time, and any of you in the Sydney area are advised to check that event out. I dropped by the festival after my surf lesson at Manly Surf School – what a day. If the family had been there it would have been just perfect.

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Where Are Aspects When You Need Them?

I had a brief encounter with aspects at the Colorado Software Summit a couple years back. I was glad to finally get a bit oriented to AOP, to which I had been blissfully ignorant, and decided that I had incredibly limited interest in the topic. Of all things, I kept wondering why AOP did not appear to be widely applied to the presentation layer, which was the first place I would think it to be.

Along comes Matt talking about extensionless URLs (a pet interest of mine) and dropping lines like this:

In an ideal world, it’d be possible to modify the <a> tag at the very core of the view framework you’re using to automatically encode the URL of any “href” attributes.

There you go – a cross-cutting concern if there ever was one. Where is our AOP for the presentation layer?

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