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Working the Sawbill Aid Station at the Superior Trail Ultramarathon

I finished my summer up with a visit to the Superior Trail Races, where I worked the Sawbill Aid Station at mile 90.  If you are interested, then check out my Superior Trail Race Report.

Gone Fishing

I am on leave for the summer, so will be taking a break from any tech blogging for the near future.  You will probably see a lot more random, off-topic posts like my report from Grandma’s Marathon for a short while. 

Enjoy, and all of you should take a summer off sometime (especially the Dads).

Completing 26.2

I ran my first full marathon last weekend and wrote up the gory details in a First Marathon report.  It was Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN and it was a fantastic peak experience that was nothing like I had planned.

A Good Time to be (in) Manly

A Sydney travel blog picked up one of my flickr photos in a post about the Manly Food and Wine Festival:

The Sydney Traveler – Food Festival Meets Sustainable Living in Manly

That was a great time, and any of you in the Sydney area are advised to check that event out. I dropped by the festival after my surf lesson at Manly Surf School – what a day. If the family had been there it would have been just perfect.

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My Wishlist for Garmin Connect

As some of us die hard geek runners wait for the upcoming release of Garmin Connect for additional Garmin devices, I thought I would send them a few features on my wishlist:

  • flickr-style privacy levels
    I want to be able to setup levels like family, friends, and public and decide who sees what. Sounds like this is already on the schedule. Facebook has a nice fine-grained (maybe ad nauseum) model around sharing – maybe I want to share distance, pace, and time with everyone but specific location with only friends.
  • Facebook-style groups
    I want to be able to join spontaneous groups the Facebook way. It would be great to have groups for events, groups for specific training goals, or who knows what else. In addition to the usual discussion/calendar stuff, Connect would have the interesting advantage of being able to mash member data.
  • Go nuts with feeds
    I want a few more feed options. URI-based querying for feed filtering would be a great start. And how about not just HTML-based content in the feeds, but maybe a GPX-based feed for…
  • More widget options
    Featuring elevation in your whole enchilada Viewport isn’t so interesting to some of us in flatland. Even though I’m no Boston qualifier, pace might be a little more equalizing. You’ve got such a wicked cool Player, which not throw that into a widget? But like I said above, maybe structured feeds would be a good start – then your community can innovate the widgets.
  • Better pricing models
    I hate to throw this one at anybody, but when I see what I get for $25/year with flickr pro, it sets the bar (low) for everyone. Maybe I should have played with Standard features more during my first 30 days to appreciate them, but without some of the above, $100/year is sounding spendy. I don’t think people hesitate at flickr’s price level. Who knows what Garmin will do with pricing though…

But it’s easy to point out shortcomings. The fact is that MotionBased rocks and is a cool way to track and share running experiences. Evidently Garmin agreed – great job gang!

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Read One Read Paperclip – And Trade For It!

If you have not yet read One Red Paperclip, then do so. It’s a fantastic story of how Kyle MacDonald started with one red paperclip and traded his way up to a house. For one thing, this is just a fun read. Kyle’s writing style is very casual, fluid and most important of all, genuine.

But the great part of Kyle’s story is not the things but the people and the process. Kyle writes about how the whole point was to make connections with interesting people, and make people’s lives better along the way. He turns downs trades that are more materially valuable in favor of trades that are more genuinely valuable. Kyle gets it.

How often is that a criteria of yours in your interactions with people? Do you trade your time/skills/money/opinion/knowledge for the gains of others? Something to think about.

I loved this book, but not enough to keep it so much that I won’t keep it. In the spirit of the paperclip, I would like to trade my copy for a book that you found interesting or insightful. Leave a comment (preferable) or ping me if you have an interesting book that you would like to trade. We would both pay book rate postage so it might come out to be a slightly cheaper way to get a book, but that’s not the point. It will be a more interesting way to get one.

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Wired | Tired | Expired – Enterprisey Edition

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, no? I have loved Wired’s W/T/E lists from the beginning of my subscription way back when. Here is my installment:

Wired MOA
Tired POA
Expired SOA
Wired Jon Udell at Microsoft
Tired Ray Ozzie at Microsoft
Expired Mini-Microsoft at Microsoft
Wired centralized identity management
Tired DES-encrypted passwords in RDBMSs
Expired persistent cookies with personal data
Wired Swarm-oriented, auction-based in-sourcing in the US
Tired Partnering in China
Expired Outsourcing to India
Wired CC-licensed content with concurrent online/offline releases
Tired file sharing
Expired DRM

Getting to the Hard Facts About SOA

There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt around SOA these days. Many SOA discussions drift off into the ether due to poor definition or attempts to reify a meme rather than deal in the concrete.

Fortunately some folks are trying to clear the air and get down to the real SOA Facts.

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David Rees (heart)s the minutemen, too!

I previously mentioned that I’m a huge fan of the minutemen, and recently picked up we jam econo (which you are advised to purchase). I have only made it through part of disc 1 but it’s fantastic. They have great live footage and interviews with other musicians (Flea, John Doe, Greg Ginn, etc.) spliced in with a recent in-car interview with Mike Watt as he conducts a driving tour of San Pedro. Very fun.

But imagine my surprise when my favorite writer/cartoonist/artist David Rees showed up with a raving endorsement! I discovered David through my new filing technique is unstoppable a few years back. I don’t know what to make of the fact that I find his writing to be incredibly amusing and even deep and thought provoking. But I thought it was seriously cool to see him on we jam econo – another reason to like you, David!

Caution:Do not follow the link to David Rees’ site if you are offended by seriously foul language, or if you are sensitive about people making fun of (what might be) your political beliefs. If you fall into one of those categories, you will be tremendously upset.

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On Truth and Goodness

Eric Gill, a British Typographer, as quoted by Edward Tufte in Beatiful Evidence:

“If you look after truth and goodness, beauty looks after herself.”

Amen – there is much beauty in simplicity and truthfulness. I love Tufte! I must be a geek for finding his books relaxing to read. Thanks to Brenda for a bookmark to that great listen on NPR.

Diabetic Runner Challenge – 500

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