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Cleared the Hurdle with the FiveFingers Challenge!

We far and away cleared our goal for diabetes fundraising this year!  Thanks to everyone who heeded the call.

24 Hours of Diabetes

Our kids helped us put together a YouTube video about our life with diabetes, so please take 6 minutes from your day to watch.

If you want to support us, please check out our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraising page.

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Fundraising to Cure Diabetes

We are participating again in the Walk to Cure Diabetes coming up in a few weeks.

We are hoping to put together another special message to support our fundraising this year – stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, check out our slideshow from last year to help understand how we feel about diabetes.  As our boys like to say “it sucks” – we need to get rid of it.

Please visit our fundraising page if you are interested in support us!

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Less Running, More Tech

It’s no secret to any readers that I have become obsessed with distance running in the last 2 years.  My links and this blog have started to get taken over by that content rather than the promised tech content.  So to feed this passion, I setup a running site/blog at, so check that out if you are interseted.  I am training for some ultramarathons in 2009, so it should be fun.

Meanwhile I think I finally figured out how to change Feedburner to splice in only tech links here, and will try to get back on track with posting more regularly.  Next up is a write up from the Health 2.0 conference last week.

Gone Fishing

I am on leave for the summer, so will be taking a break from any tech blogging for the near future.  You will probably see a lot more random, off-topic posts like my report from Grandma’s Marathon for a short while. 

Enjoy, and all of you should take a summer off sometime (especially the Dads).

Completing 26.2

I ran my first full marathon last weekend and wrote up the gory details in a First Marathon report.  It was Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN and it was a fantastic peak experience that was nothing like I had planned.

Relay For Life

If you read Mike Gotta’s blog, you might have missed a brief mention of his daughter’s efforts in the Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, or the discreet sidebar item he has on his blog.

Consider if just a percentage of Mike’s 1700+ readers made a small donation to her relay team, it’s going to add up fast.  I made a small donation, and urge others to do so to – who hasn’t had loved ones affected by cancer in some way?  Think of it as a cheap voluntary subscription fee to a great blog.

So give Meagan a hand.


The Disaffected, the Disenfranchised and the New Age of Techno-Guilt

A thoughtful post to be sure from Dale Dougherty on what technology means to those who are ostensibly disenfranchised from technological innovation. I greatly appreciate moments of reflection and introspection. I would certainly like to see thoughtfulness much more than thoughtlessness. But I don’t think there is a need for too much guilt, and I don’t think that’s optimally productive for society as a whole.

Bex Huff nailed my thinking with his comment. Being progressive and thoughtful doesn’t necessarily mean self-flaggelation and equal access to everything, as much as it means a proportional improvement across the spectrum of need. Kudos to Bex for re-centering the discussion on people, beliefs, and actions rather than material things.

Walking for a Cure

So I will be running 500 miles to raise awareness of diabetes during 2008, but I’m also walking to help find a cure. Our family will be walking with Medtronic, which is on track to be the largest walk team at the Minnesota Walk this year.

If any of you in the Twin Cities area would like to join us, we would love to have you. You can sign up to walk with us, or support our team with a donation at our family walk page.

We also put together a slideshow with some of our thoughts on diabetes. Hope some of you will join us!

Going 500 in 2008 for Diabetes

At this point, I can’t even remember how I came across Jamie, the Diabetic Runner‘s blog, but I’m glad I did. Jamie is an inspiration to people living with diabetes or, in my case, to their parents. He aims high, and gets there. Go Jamie!

In an effort to raise awareness about diabetes, Jamie created the Diabetic Runner 2008 Challenge. Runners will set a goal of running 500 or 1000 miles (total) during 2008 – I’m in for 500.

We also have a Nike+ Challenge setup, for wicked 2.0-ish visualization of the group’s achievement.

Who else is on board out there?

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Diabetic Runner Challenge – 500

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