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Epidemiology 2.0 – Google Flu Trends

Google is using localized search activity statistics to track flu activity across the US:

And in an interesting departure from the Web 2.0 world, they also provide a raw CSV data download for building your own spreadmarts.

Of course, people are raising privacy concerns – but who should be surprised?  Assuming Google follows it’s own policies on anonymization and aggregation this is nothing new, and nothing that hasn’t been around on Google Trends for awhile now.


Less Running, More Tech

It’s no secret to any readers that I have become obsessed with distance running in the last 2 years.  My links and this blog have started to get taken over by that content rather than the promised tech content.  So to feed this passion, I setup a running site/blog at, so check that out if you are interseted.  I am training for some ultramarathons in 2009, so it should be fun.

Meanwhile I think I finally figured out how to change Feedburner to splice in only tech links here, and will try to get back on track with posting more regularly.  Next up is a write up from the Health 2.0 conference last week.

Working the Sawbill Aid Station at the Superior Trail Ultramarathon

I finished my summer up with a visit to the Superior Trail Races, where I worked the Sawbill Aid Station at mile 90.  If you are interested, then check out my Superior Trail Race Report.

Gone Fishing

I am on leave for the summer, so will be taking a break from any tech blogging for the near future.  You will probably see a lot more random, off-topic posts like my report from Grandma’s Marathon for a short while. 

Enjoy, and all of you should take a summer off sometime (especially the Dads).

Completing 26.2

I ran my first full marathon last weekend and wrote up the gory details in a First Marathon report.  It was Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN and it was a fantastic peak experience that was nothing like I had planned.

A Good Time to be (in) Manly

A Sydney travel blog picked up one of my flickr photos in a post about the Manly Food and Wine Festival:

The Sydney Traveler – Food Festival Meets Sustainable Living in Manly

That was a great time, and any of you in the Sydney area are advised to check that event out. I dropped by the festival after my surf lesson at Manly Surf School – what a day. If the family had been there it would have been just perfect.

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Where Are Aspects When You Need Them?

I had a brief encounter with aspects at the Colorado Software Summit a couple years back. I was glad to finally get a bit oriented to AOP, to which I had been blissfully ignorant, and decided that I had incredibly limited interest in the topic. Of all things, I kept wondering why AOP did not appear to be widely applied to the presentation layer, which was the first place I would think it to be.

Along comes Matt talking about extensionless URLs (a pet interest of mine) and dropping lines like this:

In an ideal world, it’d be possible to modify the <a> tag at the very core of the view framework you’re using to automatically encode the URL of any “href” attributes.

There you go – a cross-cutting concern if there ever was one. Where is our AOP for the presentation layer?

Diabetic Runner Challenge – 500

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