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Looking for a Xobni Invite

I’m in the market for a Xobni invite if anyone has one… willing to trade for a ThinkFree Premium or GrandCentral invite! ;-O

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What Do You Want From a Community?

I have been exploring online communities much more actively over the past month or so. I have been a bit player over time, and have trapsed in and out of them, but I’m now on a mission. Prompted by a promised Facebook group that didn’t seem to go anywhere, I (finally?) created a Facebook account for the Office 2.0 Conference. I can’t say that I’m a Facebook addict like some, but it has seriously opened my eyes to the platform aspect of online communities. The development ecosystem around Facebook is fascinating, but that’s another post.

I then discovered MotionBased and the marriage of that with Facebook in MyMotionBased. I am becoming an active runner thanks to my wife introducing me a few years ago and some enthusiastic friends at work (hi guys!). I picked up a Garmin Forerunner recently… then discovered MotionBased. Wow. Dangerous tools in the hands of a geek. Not only does MyMotionBased give you wicked cool 3-D visualizations via Google Earth:

Wicked Cool 3D Google Earth View of a Run

But you can even view animations of runs, and dot racing to “compete” against others. All of this, courtesy of docs at the MotionBased wiki (note: need to create user page).

So this has me thinking about what do people really want from an online community?

I want to discover new running routes. I want to be able to compare myself against my friends. I want to be able to share running experiences with them when I run apart from the group – show them my successes and struggles. I want to keep enjoying my hobby, even when I can’t be out there doing it. I want to play with feeds and APIs.

But that’s me, not everyone. What do you want from online communities?

Sidenote: it’s a good month for dreamjobs, unfortunately for them I am happy at my current employer. MotionBased is hiring web developers.

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Read One Read Paperclip – And Trade For It!

If you have not yet read One Red Paperclip, then do so. It’s a fantastic story of how Kyle MacDonald started with one red paperclip and traded his way up to a house. For one thing, this is just a fun read. Kyle’s writing style is very casual, fluid and most important of all, genuine.

But the great part of Kyle’s story is not the things but the people and the process. Kyle writes about how the whole point was to make connections with interesting people, and make people’s lives better along the way. He turns downs trades that are more materially valuable in favor of trades that are more genuinely valuable. Kyle gets it.

How often is that a criteria of yours in your interactions with people? Do you trade your time/skills/money/opinion/knowledge for the gains of others? Something to think about.

I loved this book, but not enough to keep it so much that I won’t keep it. In the spirit of the paperclip, I would like to trade my copy for a book that you found interesting or insightful. Leave a comment (preferable) or ping me if you have an interesting book that you would like to trade. We would both pay book rate postage so it might come out to be a slightly cheaper way to get a book, but that’s not the point. It will be a more interesting way to get one.

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