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A Few Almost Speaking Engagements

March and April turned out to be my big chance to turn down speaking engagements. They all sounded like interesting events and the topic in each case was adoption of social media and social software in a large enterprise setting – a topic of keen interest to me. But unfortunately, scheduling just didn’t work out in each case.

The first invite came from Cutter Consortium for their Summit 2008 event in Boston. They’ve got a great looking agenda, and a smaller more intimate conference. There are currently a number of their advisors speaking, so I was pleased to be invited to represent the IT / buy-side interests.

Next was an invite for a MIMA panel on Duality Reality: Who Controls Social Media in the Enterprise? I have yet to attend a MIMA event, so this would have been a fun event for me. And with all of those creatives on the panel, they need an IT guy like me to be a wet blanket on things. 😉

Last was the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Diego. To be fair, Mike and I really just talked by phone and email about the possibility of me participating, but I pulled my name before I was officially invited. I’m sure this will be a fabulous event for those who are able to attend. You don’t have to read Mike for long to know that he knows what he’s doing in this area.

So maybe next time gang, but thanks for the offers – keep ’em coming.

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Relay For Life

If you read Mike Gotta’s blog, you might have missed a brief mention of his daughter’s efforts in the Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, or the discreet sidebar item he has on his blog.

Consider if just a percentage of Mike’s 1700+ readers made a small donation to her relay team, it’s going to add up fast.  I made a small donation, and urge others to do so to – who hasn’t had loved ones affected by cancer in some way?  Think of it as a cheap voluntary subscription fee to a great blog.

So give Meagan a hand.


MinneBar Coming – Bait Your Hook

So the next MinneBar is coming up on Saturday, May 10th, and will be at the U of M. I will continue my tradition of keen interest in this event, and non-attendance. They have chosen to schedule this on the same weekend as the Walleye fishing opener in Minnesota, and I have my loyalties. As much as I would love to be geeking out, I will probably be wetting a line somewhere with wife and kids instead, and loving it.

I would personally love to see a BarCamp during the week (I know, I know – then organize one) – weekends are precious and I like my family time.    Best of luck to both BarCamp-ers and anglers that weekend!

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Diabetic Runner Challenge – 500

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